Create your store guide


In your dashboard, click ‘Settings’


Upload your store banner. You will need to use an image that is at least 625×300 pixels. Once you have uploaded the image you will be able to crop it if necessary.

We recommend that you use an image of your studio, your artwork or work in progress. The left side of your store banner will sit behind an overlay with your details.


Add a profile picture. We recommend a portrait image.


Add your store name. In most cases we recommend simply using your own name. This is the name which will appear both as your store name and the artist name on the paintings you list.


Select the number of paintings you wish to display per page within your store. We recommend 12.

Note: The address field cannot be changed within your store settings. This is the address you used for registration. If you wish to change this address (shown on your store page), please navigate to your registration dashboard. Use the ‘Login/Create Account’ link at the top right of your screen and click on ‘Addresses’.


Add your contact phone number. This will be visible on your store page.


Add your email address. This will be visible on your store page.


Enable more products. Displays more paintings within your store.


Enable a tab for your own terms and conditions (TOC details) for the sale of your paintings. (Optional)


Add your website. This will be visible on your store page. Please use the full URL for your website eg.


Set a store-wide discount (Optional). If you choose to use a store-wide discount, set a minimum order value and a percentage discount. Note: Discounts/Sale prices can be applied to individual listings.


Add a biography. Please include as much detail about you and your art as possible. You can add details about awards and exhibitions here.


Click ‘Update settings’