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Beloved of Monet, Degas and Cezanne in the 19th century, it’s the spontaneous style of painting ‘en plein  air’, right there in the landscape, with swift dabs of the brush to capture a moment of light and the most natural of scenes.

Don’t expect a perfectly-formed shape or scene, more a collection of forms, brush strokes, shapes and marks, giving this strong genre of modern art a style all of its own. It’s usually colourful and bold, designed to stand out.

The portrayal of the subject in its’ natural form, free from the romanticism, not to be confused with realist art which aims for photograph-likeness of the subject. Not limited by a particular style, Realism simply aims to depict the world as it is with no fantasy or pretence

It’s usual for the work of those who don’t have formal art school training to be named in this genre, but that’s not to decry their talents – there’s a simplicity and charm that’s sometimes almost childlike in this painting and drawing style.

Developed in the 1950s, this colourful, dramatic and dynamic style continues to wow today. It takes its inspiration from everything from packaging to pop music, blockbuster movies and comic book heroes, a world away from the classics of the past.

Imagine a collection of inanimate objects, be they manmade or natural, and you’ve captured the essence of still life paintings. Loved by Picasso and van Gogh, this style captures the simple things around us, from food and drink, to fruit and flowers.

From pencil and charcoal to pastels and pen and ink, the choice of mediums used in drawing is endless. It’s said to be one of the oldest forms of human expression and has become crucial to science and engineering, as well as in creating things of beauty.

Capturing the scenery of the natural or modern world, Landscapes are a prevalent subject matter across many styles of art. Landscape paintings are a popular choice for buyers wishing to bring the outside world in.

An ancient medium, oil paints have been used in different forms from the 5th century. Well-regarded as an art form in the modern world and significantly recognised throughout history, oil painting is a popular and versatile medium throughout many art styles.

From coastal captures to deep-sea views, seascape painting depicts the ocean in all its’ many forms. The sea inspires many artists in its’ endless outlooks and colours and also its versatility as a subject matter.

The art of interpreting the human subject with the intention of expressing actual features, character and mood, portrait art can illustrate the whole body, upper body or just the face of the subject or subjects.

The soft and luminous properties of watercolour paints traditionally make for beautiful, layered, detailed artworks relatively different to any other art medium. Watercolour painting is a prevalent medium in contemporary artwork.

Invented in the 1940’s by combining the properties of oils and watercolour, the styles of artworks created with acrylics are of great diversity due to the wonderfully flexible and easily adjustable characteristics of this medium.

Combining mediums and even other objects into a single artwork gives the artist increased freedom of expression and frees them from the properties of a single medium often resulting in artworks of great interest and character.

It is the art of the present and relatively recent history, innovating techniques, process, style and mediums to resound with the modern world. Contemporary art is continually revolutionising and is not distinguished by styles of art.

Consequential of the imagination or subconscious of the artist, Surrealism is often peculiar, eclectic and perplexing and at least somewhat intended to challenge the thoughts of the viewer.

Our wonderful and diverse range of original artwork made by Australian artists includes a great variety of styles, mediums and subject matter. The talented creatives behind the artwork for sale on Studio Art offer a vast selection of pieces created with this collectively unlimited imagination and inspiration, making it easy for you to find the particular work of art to suit your style and your space.


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