List your paintings guide

You can list as many paintings as your subscription level allows. If you need to list more paintings than your subscription level allowance, you can easily switch levels from your vendor dashboard. If you delete a painting listing, you are able to replace it with a new listing.

From your vendor dashboard, select the ‘Products’ tab. 

Select ‘Add new product’


Click on ‘Upload Product Image’. This is the main image which will appear as the large image within your product listing and on our shop pages.

Note: We recommend jpg image file sizes under 2mb. Square images will display the entire photograph uncropped.


To load additional images, click on the + sign below the main image.

Note: We recommend a maximum of 6 additional images. Excessive images may be removed by us.


Your product name should be the name of your painting. Please do not add any additional information in this field.


Set the price of your painting and a sale price if you want to discount the price. Note: You need to include a shipping cost which covers delivery to all Australian locations in the price of your painting. You cannot charge a separate shipping cost for sales through our website. If you are registered for GST, you need to include the GST in your selling price.


Enter the size of your painting. Please use measurements in centimetres. Eg. 70cmW x 50cmH. Please include any other size details in the description field.


Click on ‘Select product category’. You can select multiple relevant categories. Please note that adding categories which are not relevant to your painting is not allowed.


Click on ‘Select product tags’ to enter tags which are relevant to your painting. You can select multiple relevant tags. Tags help your visibility in search results. Examples of relevant tags might be: landscape, light, acrylic, blue, tasmania, etc. You can create your own tags if you think people may search for a particular word related to your painting. Please limit the number of tags to 12.


Add a description of your painting to your listing. An accurate and thorough description will help sell your paintings.


Click ‘Create Product’.

The next screen allows you to add more details to your listing. This is the Edit Product page. You can return to this page to edit any of your listings at any time.


Product status allows you to publish your listing (live online) or save it as a draft.


The visibility setting determines where your product should be shown. The default setting is Visible which shows your artwork in search and categories. You can also choose to hide a product temporarily.


A purchase note can be displayed on a customers order details after purchase. You can use this field to add a personalised thank you note or any other information you would like to pass on to your buyers. (Optional)


You can enable/disable product reviews from your buyers. Positive reviews may help sell your artwork to prosective buyers. If you allow reviews, you have the opportunity to dispute unfavourable comments.


Click ‘Save Product’