Information for buyers

Welcome to the best art marketplace in Australia.. With our diverse variety of talented Australian artists, you’ll be sure to find a piece of art to suit your space and your budget. To get started discovering our range of amazing Australian artworks online, we have answered some of your most frequently asked questions. Already have a Studio Art account? Login to view your saved artworks.

Tips for buying

Buy what you love. If an artwork speaks to you, you love it, you need it even, then that’s a great sign you’ve found the right piece. With such a varying range of styles, subject matter and pricing, you are sure to find an artwork you absolutely love.

Take advantage of free shipping

At Studio Art, our artists all offer free shipping within Australia, take advantage of this great benefit when purchasing your art.

Our artists have their own shipping and returns policies so ensure you familiarise yourself these prior to purchasing.

How long will my order take to arrive?

This depends on your artist’s shipping policy, the freight company, the location of the artwork and the destination, also whether you ordered a pre-made artwork or commissioned a piece. We encourage our artists to ship in a timely manner. We also encourage communication between the artist and buyer to help assist in smooth transactions.

Can I ask an artist to create a custom piece?

Many of our artists accept commission pieces. You can use our direct message feature to enquire directly with the artist with any questions about commissioning an artwork. You can also locate their contact details within their artist profile page.

How much is shipping?

Within Australia, all art sold on Studio Art is free of any shipping charges. If you commission a painting or purchase from an artist through a source other than Studio Art, we can’t guarantee free shipping. If you need a piece shipped overseas, please either contact the artist directly for a shipping quote or alternatively send us an email.

If you get stuck, ask!

Our Studio Art team is fast responding & knowledgeable. If you find yourself unable to find an answer or simply wanting to know something, please feel free to reach out through our contact page or email

Filter and refine

Don’t forget to make use of our filters and refining tools. You can save your favourite art and also your favourite artists. We’ve made the process easy for you so you can find and keep track of your favourites.

We will also feature curated collections from time to time. These are a miniature showcase of some art that we love and has inspired us to want to include it in a collection and showcase it to you.

Favourite art and follow artists who’s work you admire. We have simple functions for these once you’re all logged in. 

Do we offer gift vouchers?

Studio Art does not presently offer gift vouchers. Some of our artists may offer gift vouchers and/or coupons.

How do I search for art?

We offer search functions and filters to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can search for an artist, a colour, by location, by genre, by medium and more. You can also save your favourites in your wishlist once you’ve created an account so you can easily come back to them later.

Can I return an artwork?

Each of our artists has their own returns policy. Please refer to it prior to making a purchase. If you have any questions, please ask the artist.

Do I pay GST when purchasing through Studio Art?

Studio Art acts purely as an agent to the artist, to facilitate the sale of artworks via the Studio Art website. We do not collect GST or issue any invoices for artwork, each artist receives payment directly and is responsible for collecting and paying GST and also issuing the correct invoices regarding GST .Where an artist is registered for GST an invoice showing the GST applicable on the sale will be sent on completion of the purchase.