Information for artists

Studio Art promotes a wide selection of talented emerging, mid-career and established Australian artists. Studio Art is the gallery available to buyers 24/7 and making it super easy to purchase a new piece of art, while remaining artist-friendly to support you, our fabulous artists, in getting their art on walls.

To join Studio Art you simply sign up, complete your profile and list your work. You will never pay commission to us and we have developed a great subscription plan with levels to suit everyone’s needs and budget. You simply pay your small monthly subscription fee and that’s it – no commission!

How does shipping work?

You handle shipping and the associated costs. We recommend you include your own policies and terms and conditions in your shop for buyers to have access to. You can find specific places to upload these in your shop settings. All artwork listed on Studio Art is to include shipping within Australia to anywhere in Australia. Please allow for this cost in your pricing.

How do I get paid?

We encourage our artists to sell direct to buyers and take direct payment yourself. If a buyer chooses to purchase and pay through Studio Art checkout, payment to to you will be made available for withdrawal within 7 days after you mark the order ‘Completed’. Delivery confirmation is required for all orders prior to payment being made available for withdrawal. There is no free returns periods imposed to stress over and NO commission charged by Studio Art.

We only deduct any PayPal or transaction processing fees incurred in the process of your sale.

Can I communicate directly with buyers?

Yes, we even have a messaging function for that. Communicate freely with your buyers, potential buyers and even other artists on Studio Art. We have some common sense guidelines to keep some standards…

Be respectful to each other

All parties are to treat each other with respect while communicating through via ourwebsite. Any unacceptable communication will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If you have an issue with the manner of any member of our Studio Art community, please use our contact page or email

Commissioned artwork

If you aren’t used to people commissioning artwork by you here’s a few basic points to consider:

At least a 30% deposit is required prior to starting the project. Many artists charge 50%.

Depending on the nature of your art, when the artwork is at about a mid-way point, provide your client with some photo updates. Once the artist is confident that the artwork is close to completion, final photos will be shared for approval. Your client can then submit one round of revisions if needed.

Once approved, the artwork can be uploaded to Studio Art at the whole agreed price and you can issue a coupon to your client for the cost of their deposit; alternatively you may prefer to complete the transaction privately.

Upon invoicing your client for the initial payment, issue them with a Memorandum of Understanding – a document outlining the process and agreement – to ensure that you a both clear on what the artwork will be, timeframes, costs etc.

If you have a ‘complete by’ date, make sure you complete the art by then.

Keep your communication with your buyer professional and often.

How do I pack and ship my artwork?

We have put together a short shipping guide with some information you may find helpful. 

Can I sell art framed in glass?

You can sell art behind glass however it is advisable that you check with your shipping company regarding their policy on breakages and insurance to ensure you are happy to proceed.

Can I link to my socials and my website?

Yes! Please do! We encourage you to direct buyers and browsers to your social media accounts and your website. We even included fields for them in your store setup. The purpose of Studio Art is to put the control back with the artists and give them the best chance of making money from their love of art.

Exchange of personal information

For the privacy and safety of all users, please do not share or request any personal information unless absolutely necessary for the promotion and sale of your art. See User Agreement.

Photographing my art

We cannot stress how important the photography of your work is. Your images need to be clear and taken in a well-lit place preferably with natural lighting. Portray the artwork without filters, taking care to ensure there’s no glare, shadows etc. Be sure to upload images of the whole artwork, the sides, the signature, the details, even the back. Always use a great, cropped photo of your artwork as the main image.

There are applications available to ‘put your art in a room’ and we recommend the use of these to show what your work may look like in situ. Artrooms app and wallapp are some we recommend however there are many available to suit different devices and operating systems.

Profile up to date

Your Studio Art profile is imperative to appealing to potential buyers, you want to make sure this is as professional as possible. Keep your artist bio up to date, check for spelling mistakes and use high quality images every time.

General house-keeping such as re-ordering your artworks and keeping all your contact and artist information up-to-date can help your profile feeling fresh and attracting buyers.

Be sure to offer as much information and be descriptive to your potential buyers as possible when setting up your shop and also listing your artwork. A buyer is more likely to purchase a piece of art if they can feel they are making an informed decision.