Shipping guide

Our research shows products promoted with free shipping results in more sales for vendors therefore at Studio Art our artists are required to include shipping within Australia in their pricing. We have put together a shipping and packaging guide, along with a freight company directory with contacts for you to assist in making the process smooth and simple.

In the case of international sales, you will need to obtain your own shipping quote for your buyer and liaise with them regarding the cost of shipping to their destination.

We are more than happy to assist with any questions or queries you have in regard to shipping your art. Please contact and we will assist as soon as possible.

Shipping your artwork

You can broaden your customer base massively by having the option of shipping available to potential buyers outside of your local area. There are a lot of factors to consider when preparing to ship artwork due to its’ fragile and sometimes expensive nature, but it is simple when you know how. We’ve put together a basic guide with some helpful information about shipping your artwork.

There are various shipping companies that cater to freighting your art around Australia and overseas. You may not already have your own preferred shipping company so below we have listed some of the companies that can ship your art. Your location and the destination location may affect which companies you can use.

It can also sometimes be a more economical and efficient to have a packaging company pack your artwork – it can also add a sense of professionalism when it arrives with your buyer.

Insurance is imperative to ensure you are compensated if loss or damage to your artwork should occur, so you should always check with your shipping company regarding their insurance policy and cost. Some shipping companies do not insure artwork in transit so make sure you consider this when choosing who to ship with.

The size of your artwork may determine who you ship with so ensure your packaged artwork will fall into the size limits of your chosen shipping company.

Packing your artwork for shipping

We recommend the following general packaging practices:

•   Always check your shipping company’s requirements for packing your artwork.

•   Use cardboard corners to protect each corner of your artwork.

•   Use a sturdy cardboard box large enough to fit in several layers of bubble wrap on all sides of the artwork.

•   Line the large sides of the box with more cardboard or corflute cut to size.

•   Bubble wrap your artwork as neatly as possible and secure with tape.

•   Aim to have your artwork and protective packaging fitting snuggly inside the box with no room for it to move around.

•   If including a certificate of authenticity, don’t forget to include this before taping your box up.

•   Ensure you tape the box securely and clearly label it ‘FRAGILE’ in several places.

•   Secure your labelling well and so that any paper labels are not able to be torn off in transit.

Specialist artwork shipping companies:

Pack and Send
Phone: 1300 668 000

Moving Art

IAS Art Couriers
Phone: (07) 3890 7422

Artwork Transport
Phone: (07) 3899 5643

Grace Transport
Phone: 1300 766 233

General artwork shipping companies:

Phone: 13 11 50

Couriers Please
Phone: 1300 361 000

Fastway Australia
Find depot contact:

Phone: 1300 668 229

Australia Post
Visit website: