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Oil painting is a well-known form of art which originated in Asia and Afghanistan from around the fifth century. We often associate oil paintings with visions of famous artists of the Renaissance period who used oil paints, such as Rembrandt, Raphael, Jan van Euck and more. Oil paintings are still very popular today across many different styles and subjects including abstract, expressionism, portraits, pop art etc.

 Although it has a very long history over many centuries, oil painting has evolved from artists producing their own oil paints by mixing raw pigments, through to the mass produced oil paints we know today. Oil painting techniques are evolved and varied with the most common method being to build the artwork by layering the paint. Some artists layer wet on wet paint, particularly impressionist artists painting plein air, while others let each layer dry before painting the next. Vincent van Gogh is renowned for a technique termed impasto which involves using thick layers of paint onto the painting surface.

Oil paints are the choice for many artists due to it’s the colour intensity, blending and longevity properties.

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