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Landscape painting is a genre of art that focuses on the depiction of natural scenery such as meadows, seascapes, trees, rivers, coasts; and, in modern times, manmade scapes such as cityscapes, bridges, streets etc. Landscape paintings usually (but not always) place some degree of focus on the sky, with some artists making it the main focus of the art work.

Landscape paintings are created to portray the places we live and the environment as the main or only subject matter. City scapes are a popular subject matter in contemporary art. The bright lights, the skylines, the people and the personality – every city in the world has its own recognisable traits and hidden histories, which is why artists the world over will continue to paint, photograph and depict them in so many different ways.

One of the most popular art genres, today’s subject matter of landscapes is boundless. From gritty urban environments to rolling rural settings, the classic scenes of history, or the timeline of architecture, there’s so much to focus on, wherever you are in the world.

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