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Acrylic painting began in the 1940’s with the combining of watercolour and oil properties to produce what we know as acrylic paint. Leonard Bocour and Sam Golden invented a solution acrylic paint in the late 1940’s and it became available to the public in the 1950’s

Acrylic paint is pigment suspended in a polymer emulsion. The properties of acrylic paint include that it is a fast-drying, water resistant when dry medium and also that it’s typical characteristics can be modified with mediums, diluted with water and made to appear very similar to other mediums, such as watercolour or oils, when dry. By using these mediums to adjust the appearance, texture and other features of acrylic paint, the artist can achieve great variation and effect in their process. Acrylic paintings are most commonly painted on canvas however other surfaces can be used such as board and paper.

Acrylic painting is a common choice among artists due to the versatility in creating many different effects, quick drying time and suitability for many different styles and types of art.

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