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Abstract art uses simplified, dissected and interpreted forms based on subject matter including figures, scenes and objects. It does not represent or attempt to represent an actual likeness of the subject, rather an abstraction of visual reality using various combinations of marks, strokes, colour, form and shapes.

Abstract art is also the term related to art that has no correlation to visually real subject matter. Using one or a combination of colour, marks, form, strokes, shapes and techniques etc., the artist is able to create their own expression or interpretation of their inspiration or from their intuition.

Abstract art has many genres, with each movement emerging and peaking throughout the last century. These include, among others, expressionism, cubism, op art, action painting etc.

Abstract art gives the artist freedom of creativity and the ability to express an idea or subject in a form that does not portray reality. This liberty results in art that is exploratory, innovative and varied in technique, process, form and style.

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